How The Story of Mike – The Headless Chicken, Inspired & Changed My Life Read & Be Inspired

According to Wikipedia [True Story], The Miracle Mike is a chicken who survived for 18 months after his head had been cut off. It became popular worldwide and made the owner thousands of dollars. There is even an annual “Mike…

3 Hustle Advice From Online Business Guru Tai Lopez 💰

Tai Lopez is an investor, entrepreneur, and author. If you are into entrepreneurship and watch YouTube a lot, there is a high chance that you might have come across Tai Lopez’s YouTube Ads or seen one of his videos. 

Top 4 Questions that will help You Set-Up a Profitable Brand

Starting up a profitable and Scalable business is not an easy task. It takes Hard work, Consistency and perseverance! It’s reliant on many external factors such as competition, timing, and demand, which you most likely have little to no control over at…

10 Mindset Switch for 2019 😎

Don’t let the “New year New me” talk deceive you…next year will be no different from this year if you don’t start laying the foundation…and guess what, the best time to start is now. Yes right now!

7 Ways to Live Healthier and More Successful as an Entrepreneur

  There is a popular say that annoys me when ever i hear people say “being an entrepreneur is difficult and the toughest to start but the easiest to thrive in.” It’s not like that you know.  I have gone through…